Fullers & CartoTech Services - Custom Mapping

Fullers maps in conjunction with CartoTech Services commands a vast array of mapping data which can be used to develop client specific or CUSTOM mapping. Consider the street directory as a snap-shot of our maps at a moment in time. But the database of our maps remains under continuous revision and development so when you purchase a custom map you can rest assured that it is produced on request from the latest version of the data.

If you want a map of a section of the Adelaide metropolitan area relevant to your business , sports club, hobby etc then we can produce one for you. If you indicate an awareness of new development in areas of the map that you require we can make sure we have it already or acquire it before completing your map.

In negotiation with customers we can devise the best scale, paper size degree of detail and other requirements in order to best meet your needs. We can introduce special features such as inset maps, outline & highlight regions, add markers and incorporate your business logo into the final product.

Our data covers the greater Adelaide metropolitan area, over 100 South Australian country towns, regional mapping for the whole of SA and much of Australia. We also have 1:1 million scale data for the whole world.

We can also produce Digital Elevation Model (DEM) images to use as relief backgrounds for maps.

Custom maps come laminated.

Click HERE to view an image of a customised map showing a highlighted region of the Adelaide metro area.

Click HERE to view an image of a customised map showing a split map of the Fleurieu and Kangaroo Island - making the most of the available paper space.

Click HERE to view a sample with a DEM (Digital Elevation Model) backround.

Contact CartoTech Services to discuss your needs and the costs.

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If you need to manage a range of locations a customised map might be just the tool you need. Range circles and highlighting can help visualise your business.

(click images for a larger view)

range circles are great for businesses who make deliveries ie. pizza parlours

highlighted with outline and greyed-out external areas makes your specified region easier to see

Do you require a map of the whole of the Adelaide greater metropolitan area at 1:20 000 scale?

This is the usual Australian street directory scale as used by Fullers and others.

Click the OPTION links to view 2 possible solutions


Custom map prices are:
 A2 = AUD$50, A1 = AUD$85, A0 = AUD$150,
Longer than A0 = AUD$200
Two A0 or longer joined together = AUD$299
All custom maps are laminated.

Did you know Adelaide from the top of Gawler  in the north down to the bottom of Sellicks Beach in the south is 90km? A single page map at 1:20 000 scale would have to be 4.5m high and 2.3m wide to show the entirety of greater Adelaide! Our solution involves doing it in "chunks". Of course you may not want all of Adelaide so we can produce much smaller sections as well. That's what custom mapping is all about. Matching a map to your needs.

SOUTH AUSTRALIAN REGIONAL MAPS (click images for a larger view)

As result of regular requests we maintain a range of maps that are generally available same day. 

AUD$45 for an A1 map

AUD$85 for the A0 version

Maps in this series are as follows:

Adelaide to The Riverland

Adelaide to the Victorian border including the Murray River and riverland towns. Laminated A1 and A0 sizes available.

Eyre Peninsula

From Ceduna to Port Lincoln and Port Augusta. Incorporates much of the Yorke Peninsula. Laminated A0 size available with full detail. A1 available with less detail.

Kangaroo Island

From Cape Jervis,& Fleurieu Peninsula on the mainland to the far west coast of Kangaroo Island. Laminated. A1 and A0 sizes available.

Also available:
(click link to view image)

Adelaide & Fleurieu
Flinders Ranges
Mid North
Yorke Peninsula
South East


As well as the above we produce several specialty maps. Click the image to see a larger version.

Coming soon


click HERE to view an image

Murray Darling Basin

click HERE to view an image

Mt Lofty and Environs

includes Cleland Wildlife Park and the Mt Lofty Botanic Gardens


Adelaide CBD

very detailed map of central Adelaide identifying many building names and businesses

 sm (approx A2) AUD$25

lrg (approx A1) AUD$45

Last updated: 7th of May 2009