Clocks, locks, torches and more

Duotime Travel Clock


Dual time clock for home and local time. You never have to wake mum up at 2 o'clock in the morning again!

International time converter, hr min sec am/pm, month and day calendar, 12 or 24 hr modes.
3fx torch

3FX Torch


3 function torch - LED soft night glow, sideways lantern or a  powerful wide throw beam.
Kwik Fix


Travellers sewing and repair kit. Needles, threader, cotton, buttons, safety pins, foldable scissors. All this in a credit card sized box.
glo locks
Glo Locks

Glo Locks AUD$14.50 - 2 brass padlocks encased in day glo coloured  plastic. Fits most zippered luggage. Comes with 3 keys. (Also available Glo Luggage ID Tags AUD$13.95)

No Key Padlock AUD$17.95 - 3 dial combination padlock. Solid brass with a longlatch.

Case Lock AUD$5.95 - basic single brass padlock 

The Snoozer

personal pillow

Personal Pillow

The Snoozer AUD$15.95 - Inflatable "horseshoe" shaped travelling pillow. Increases comfort on long and/or nightime journeys. Designed with a thinner ribbed back to prevent slippage.

The Personal Pillow AUD$29.50 - Combines a removable luxury polycotton pillow case with an inflatable inner.

Carry Cushion AUD$20.50 - 3 in one cushion, sit on it, back support or head rest.

Sleeping Mask AUD$7.95 - Fully adjustable deluxe sleeping mask that shuts out the brightest light.

Also Available:

Travel Towel - AUD$19.95 - Packs small, airdries rapidly, super absorbent lightweight material. Click HERE to view an image.

Ear Plugs - AUD$ - Three pairs per pack

Medi Store - AUD$22 - Combines medication and first aid storage in one pack. Includes a zip poxket pouch and multi-compartment unit. Click HERE to view an image.

Travel Clothes Line - AUD$ - No pegs required simply slip items between elastic strands. Click HERE to view an image. 

Porta Plug - AUD$11.95 - Flat design allows it to cover a wide range of bath and sink drains. Click HERE to view an image.

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