PathAway 4 for Palm Pilot


PathAway is mapping software for your Palm Pilot or Garmin iQue 3600. (It even runs on some of the latest phones!)

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PathAway for  Palm Pilot or Windows Mobile

The PathAway navigation system uses GPS satellite signals to determine exact location, speed and direction of travel. At its simplest it can be used as map viewing software but if you want to take full advantage of its GPS compatability it allows you to:
  • Create routes - draw and playback a proposed map route
  • Connect live to a GPS antenna - use the built in antenna of an ASUS A636, a GPS mouse, Garmin or other GPS unit
  • Capture points on a map - pinpoint your exact location according to the current GPS coordinates
  • Record tracks - use your antenna to capture your journey or trek
  • Follow recorded tracks - use a pre-recorded or proposed track to guide your way.

Download a time limited demo version of PathAway 4.

Pathaway 4 Demo for Windows Mobile
Pathaway 4 Demo for Palm Pilot

PathAway Manual for Windows Mobile  (open pdf in browser or *)
PathAway Manual for Palm Pilot (open pdf in browser or *)
PathAway Mapping Manual - information for converting and calibrating maps
(open pdf in browser  or *)

(* right click and select the "save link target" or similar option)

You can register and pay for this software product at The Map Shop

This product also comes with the following utilities.

PathAway Tools for your PC
  • PathAway Map Manager - This will allow you to specify the coordinates of and convert existing bmp or jpg map images into the PathAway format. These can be HotSynched to your Palm Pilot for use in the GPS mapping software.
  • PathAway Icon Manger - With this tool you can create custom icons to use in point data to represent different kinds of information.
  • PathAway Database Import/Export - Transfer between standard comma-delimited files information such as points, routes and track databases.

All this for only AUD$85

Available Maps

Here at The Map Shop we are working on helping our customers to make the most of their PathAway product. To that end we will be looking at installing some CD map products in PathAway format onto our customers Palm Pilots for them when they purchase the maps. This saves you the time needed to convert the maps yourself and lets you get on with using the information and equipment for their intended purpose.

If you purchase the Natmap Raster series we have already prepared the SA maps for use with PathAway. Purchase the Natmap Raster on CD and we will install the SA maps on your Palm Pilot or iQue 3600 for you. That is a lot of time saving and you only pay for the CD,  AUD$99.

Fullers Adelaide and SA Country Towns Street Directory on CD provides maps of the Adelaide metro area PathAway ready. Fullers on CD is AUD$75

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