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GPS Made Easy - AUD$32.95

Fourth edition WAAS revised. Describes everything you need to know about operating handheld Global Positioning Systems helping you ensure your readings are accurate. Uses common GPS models as examples.

For: bushwalkers, kayakers etc - anyone who needs to get the most out oftheir portable GPS.
Map Reading Handbook  - AUD$19.95

This book is for everyone who wants to know how to read topographical maps.
Topics included: scale, measuring distance, grid references, ground shape, gradients and intervisibility, direction, compass use and errors, map setting, position fixing and map enlarging, cross-country navigation and aerial photograph reading. Examples in the book use Tasmap 1:100 000 Topographic Series and 1:125 000 series.
Soft Cover
63 Pages
Published by the Land Information Service.

GPS Vehicle Navigation in Australia - AUD$34.95

Written for both novice and experienced GPS users with a focus on technology and mapping available in Australia, Robert Pepper explains in plain English how to setup and navigate a vehicle, simply and reliably, using GPS technology. Learn the theory behind the science.
Packed with illustrations, it details how GPS users can dramatically increase the usefulness of their GPS receiver with simple, but effective techniques. Whether you are looking at purchasing your first GPS receiver, using waypoints and track logs or wanting to employ the benefits of real-time moving-maps, then this book will undoubtedly become an essential reference tool.

Map and Compass - AUD$34.50

This comprehensive guide to navigation is aimed at giving you the incentive to do this. With the author's anecdotes and handy hints close by, those new to using the map and compass, and those who have already mastered navigational skills, will find this guide inspiration enough to get 'out there' and experience the outdoors safely and with fun.
Map Reading Guide: How to use Topographic Maps - AUD$2.00

30 page small booklet.
This will help explain the type of information found on topographic mapsand how to interpret and use this information. (Includes a romer.)
Map Facts - AUD$59.95

The ultimate Map-using guide. Whether you are just beginning or require a refresher course this book explains and illustrates the subject from A to Z. For those who wish to learn how to use maps, compasses and protractors. From the first page to the last page, detailed and easy to read.

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