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There is total coverage of the State at 1:250 000 and 1:100 000 scales produced by the Australian government. Both these series are on a continuous cycle of revision.

VICMAP produces larger scale topographic maps of the State. They also produce a series of tourist oriented topographic maps.

Click HERE to see an index map (53 kb gif) indicating map reference numbers. A detailed index produced by VICMAP is available for purchase.

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Outdoor Leisure Map series

The Victorian Outdoor Leisure Map series covers the major tourist areas of the State. Generally the maps are based on standard topographic maps to which have added points of general interest and symbols for the camper, hiker or tourist. Popular areas such as Bogong High Plains, the Grampians and Otways are produced. A complete list is available.

Click HERE for more information on the Outdoor Leisure Series
  • Outdoor Leisure Series @ AUD$12.95 each
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1:25 000 series

The standard product produced by VICMAP. Generally consists of a standard size sheet covering a square 7 min 30 sec of latitudinal and longitudinal extent. The series covers only the major settled parts of the State and doesn't include the western desert areas or the eastern mountain regions. Some sheets are produced in a double format i.e. 15 minutes of longitudinal extent.
  • Standard Series @ AUD$10.50 each
  • Double Format Series @ AUD$11.95 each
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1:50 000 series

The series covers areas at the extremity of the 1:25 000 series such as the High Plains area of north eastern Victoria and the plains around the north western part of the State.
  • Old Series single sheet - AUD$10.50 each
  • Old Series double sheet - AUD$11.95 each
  • New Series - AUD$12.95 each
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Thematic and General maps

A number of special maps are produced. These range from a four sheet set of maps of the State at 1:500 000 to Land Use and Municipal boundary maps.

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