110 Hindley St,
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Where to go for maps, charts, globes & atlases?

The Map Shop

It's this simple - there is no shop in Australia that you can walk into and find a greater range of maps than The Map Shop at 110 Hindley St, Adelaide in South Australia.

The Map Shop has been selling and distributing maps, travel guides and more for nearly fifty years. We are the one stop shop of map products for the:

-    backpacker and hiker
-    four wheel driver
-    traveller or tourist
-    business planner
-    in fact, anyone requiring map and chart information for any purpose.

Although we specialise in the most complete range of maps and charts for our area of the globe, we also carry the largest range of overseas map products.

Have a look through these pages and remember that we have specialist knowledge and advice. If you have any enquiry regarding the maps you need please send an email to or phone The Map Shop. Our trained sales staff and cartographers are here to help.


At The Map Shop we stock many thousands of items. If you need anything related to the world of maps then try us first. If we don't have it then we probably know where to get it.

Use the lefthand menu to find out a little more about our shop and what we sell. Click the link to see what we currently have listed in our online Shopping Cart and remember if you can't find what you want in our online shop then contact us via phone or email or come into The Map Shop at 110 Hindley St, Adelaide. We have more items in store than we have in the Shopping Cart.

110 Hindley St,
                  Adelaide SA, 5000