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The Australian federal governement produce maps covering the entire state at 1:250 000 as well as the settled areas at 1:100 000. Both these series are on a continuous cycle of revision although the speed has slowed since the reduction of manpower at Auslig and the withdrawal of the army's Royal Australian Survey Corps from the national mapping programme. Click HERE to see the Australian Government mapping page.

In South Australia the Department for Environment and Heritage produces large scale topographic maps of the State. They also produce a small series of tourist maps for the local tourist authorities.

The following scales have been or are being produced by DEH in addition to Australian Series mapping:

  • 1:50 000 series The standard topographic series for the State covering the settled areas of South Australia. This series consisting of maps covering a ground area of approximately 27 km by 27 km each was introduced in the late '60's and is undergoing a continuous cycle of revision. It shows a 10 metre contour interval, classifies roads by surface and width, shows drainage and vegetation information. AUD$10.40

  • 1:10 000 series and 1:2500 series These maps exist as a database of primarily the Adelaide and Fleurieu regions. They can be printed as per requirement. We stock a certain number of such maps and can usually obtain your specific map within days. AUD$38 (We can laminate these for an additional cost.)

NOTE: Some maps in the earlier series of 1:25 000, 1:10 000 and 1:2500 are still available.
Some may cover an larger area than the newer range.

  • Tourist Maps (Region by region) Click HERE for more information.

  • Special Mapping (Postcodes, council boundaries etc) Click HERE for more information.

Download Sample 1:50 000 extract and index - Copyright SA DEH

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