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A certain General said (in French) any map is better than no map.

Ask a cartographer how long it will take to make a map and he/she will say six months. After a year he/she has nearly finished it but wants to make a few improvements. After eighteen months you take the map from him/her, print it and everyone is happy with it and never knows that the cartographer still wants to improve it.

Likewise with these pages. We will add pages until we are satisfied with it. Maybe, any page is better than no page and some information is better than none.

We stock over 13,000 items. These web pages represent a fraction and are not database driven but added to and maintained manually by The Map Shop. If you prefer a database search use the shopping cart accessed by clicking on the "Place Order" button below. If you can't find what you are looking for then contact us and ask using the "Inquiry Email" link below or the phone number above.

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