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Although all these books are primarily focused on the USA they do contain information on one or both of  Canada and Mexico. See also:


Lonely Planet USA & Canada on a Shoestring - AUD$42.95

740 pages of information and maps presented region by region. From big cities to national parks. Where to go, what to see and more of what we have come to expect from Lonely Planet guide books.

Insight Guides & Discovery Travel Adventures - American Safari - AUD$27.95

Over 220 pages liberally sprinkled with colour photos, illustrations and maps.  Mostly US destinations but includes a whale spotting  adventure in the waters off Baja California, Mexico. From Alaska to Minnesota to Florida focusing on great national park and wilderness areas.

Road Atlases

Michelin Road Atlas of North America - AUD$49.95
Designed with the driver in mind, this high-quality road atlas makes navigation simple and convenient. Featuring maps arranged geographically across Mexico (1:5 000 000), Canada (1: 1 525 000 + 1:2 400 000) and the USA (mostly 1:1 100 00). The layout progresses seamlessly from page-to-page. Includes:
  • More than 50 scenic driving tours
  • Popular attractions
  • Accurate and dependable distance charts
  • Strong plastic spiral binding
  • Spiral bound 288 pages - 28cm h x 23cm w

National Geographic Road Atlas - AUD$39.95
Our road atlas provides accurate, detailed maps of all 50 states, Canada, and Mexico—including scenic routes, historic sites, recreation information, and points of interest.  Also highlights America's top 100 adventure destinations chosen by the editors of National Geographic Adventure magazine and discusses the most popular national parks. US covered with more detail than Canada, Canada covered with more detail than Mexico. Includes:
  • 168 pages
  • 38cm h x 29cm w large format
  • Spiral bound with durable plastic cover
  • City inset maps
  • and more

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