Natmap Raster and Geodata DEM

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Australia map at 1:250 000
Australia map at 1: 1 million scale
Landsat satellite image of Australia
Easy to use viewing software and more

compatible with OziExplorer
1:250 000 Scale
Raster maps of Australia

Map data sizes:
  • 1M mosaic - 141mb
  • 250k mosaic - 2.80gb
  • Satellite mosaic - 1.09gb
  • 250K mapsheets - 3.95gb
The maps in this product are raster images.

Minimum system requirements:

  • Win 98/ME/2000/XP (Mac not supported)
  • 333MHz Pentium 2
  • 64Mb ram
  • 40mb free space
  • 800 x 600 screen resolution
  • mouse
  • Internet Explorer 5.5 (other browsers not supported)
  • DVD-ROM drive
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Series 3 for Google Earth
1:250 000 scale vector data

Designed to be used with Google Earth there is no separate viewing software provided. The contained KML files are used with the Google Earth viewer to load 1 tile area at a time. Move to another tile and the new one replaces the first.


Each individual 1:250 000 map on paper retails for AUD$9.25 and there are over 500 of them so that is an enormous saving when purchased on DVD or CD!  Of course, we still have in stock the paper maps if you don't want to carry a notebook computer into the field.

The Map Shop has copies of NATMAP Raster Premium and Standard Edition in stock and can express post them to you. Express post anywhere in the world is AUD$15.00

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9 second dem

Geodata 3 & 18 Second Dem

This product is a grid of spot heights covering the whole of Australia. The most detailed is the grid spacing of 3 seconds in longitude and latitude (approx 100 metres) in the GDA94 coordinate system. This is good for generating smaller areas. Use the 18 second data for whole states or the entire continent.

The data comes in text delineated .XYZ files or as GridAscii.

Can be used in conjunction with OziExplorer 3D.

(Can be converted for use with 3D rendering software but may lose its geo-referencing.)


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Utilise these product's with Des Newman's Ozi Explorer software and your pocket GPS.
OziExplore is available at The Map Shop for AUD$135.00.
We also stock a wide range of Garmin GPS products.

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