Directories and Books on Ireland

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The items shown here represent just a selection of the those on our shelves the day this page was created.

Street Directories and Road Atlases

Ordnance Survey Cork & District Atlas - AUD$20.25
  • 1:10 000 scale map
  • detailed maps of the city and district
  • city centre map
  • comprehensive road index
  • tourist information
  • bus routes
  • spiral bound with external cover

Collins Handy Ireland Road Atlas - AUD$17.95
  • small format map booklet with 1:570 240 scale maps
  • city plans of Belfast, Cork, Dublin, Galway, Limerick & Londonderry
  • illustrated guide to places of interest
  • detailed index
  • over 60 pages


Insight Compact Guide to Belfast & Surrounds - AUD$14.95

Small format detailed travel guide. Information on top visitor destinations, history and culture, leisure activities, practical information about getting around. Includes city centre map, index and colour photography throughout. 80 pages.

Lonely Planet Dublin City Guide - AUD$32.95

Over 270 pages of information on what to do and what to see when in Dublin. Entertainement, where to eat, where to stay, walking tours and more.

Also available:
  • Insight Guide to Dublin & Surrounds - AUD$32.95
    • Over 260 pages, star attractions, maps, history, music scene, writers, pubs, and more
  • Eyewitness Travel Guide to Dublin - AUD$32.00
    • Over 170 pages, Dublin area by area, where to stay, entertainment, pubs, history and more
  • AA Dublin City Pack - AUD$19.95
    • Small format book and folded map in a snug plastic cover, where to go, what to see, where to eat and more
  • Insight Pocket Guide to Dublin - AUD$22.95
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Lonely Planet Ireland - AUD$42.95

Over 730 pages! Overview of itineries, history, culture, environment, food and drink plus Ireland region by region including lots of maps and much regional information

Also available from LP:
  • Lonely Planet Cycling Ireland - AUD$32.95
  • Lonely Planet Walking in Ireland - AUD$34.95

AA Key Guide to Ireland - AUD$44.95

Over 360 pages, colour coded tabs for easy find sections, where to go and how to get there, where to stay and what to eat plus more

Also available:
  • Eyewitness Travel Guide to Ireland - AUD$39.95
    • Over 380 pages, sights, where to stay, liberally illustrated, maps and more
  • Open Road Publishing Ireland Guide - AUD$32.95

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