Flat Maps / Wall Maps of Australia
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Where relevant prices are given for plain flat, laminated and ready to hang maps. Block mounting is also possible -  price available on request.
Hema Australia
Australia Large and Supermap



Australia Large (1000 x 875 mm)
  • Flat unlaminated (plotted) - AUD$49
  • Pre-laminated (light) - AUD$50
  • Ready to Hang (plotted map laminated with heavy laminate plus battens) - AUD$112
Australia Supermap (1370 x 1200 mm)
  • Flat unlaminated (plotted) - AUD$79
  • Pre-laminated (light) - AUD$79
  • Ready to Hang (plotted map laminated with heavy laminate plus battens) - AUD$153
Australia Physical
Tasmania A4
The Map Shop

Australia A4 - AUD$4.95

Fits A4 plastic folder sleeves.

Printed on glossy lightweight card. Two versions are available: a simple political or a simple physical map of Australia. 

Also available in a simplified A4 size: Europe, USA, World, New Zealand, Tasmania, South Australia, Adelaide CBD, Melbourne CBD
Meridian Australia
Meridian Map of Australia
This awarding winning map making company has produced a detailed map of the Australian island continent. Subtle elevation texture enhances the map.

Australia Large (1030 x 865 mm) Click HERE to view a larger image.
  • Flat - AUD$25
  • Laminated - AUD$50
  • Ready to Hang (laminated plus battens) - AUD$88

Australia (830 x 700 mm)
  • Flat - AUD$15
  • Laminated - AUD$35
  • Ready to Hang (heavy laminate plus battens) - AUD$73
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