Folded Maps of Australia
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All QPA folded Australia maps come in a protective plastic sleeve.
  • Australia Folded Travel Map includes many annotated locations  - AUD$8.95
  • Australia Folded Roads and Locations includes rainfall data and detailed index - AUD$8.95

Noted Australian map producers Hema also have a range of folded maps of Australia.

NEW Souvenir Map of Australia - AUD$7.95
 1:8 000 000 scale map with a photographic and Aboriginal art border. The reverse has a state oriented map with lots of fun facts about Australia plus an index to the main map. Click HERE to view an image of the cover.
  • Australia Folded 1:4 500 000 scale - AUD$9.95
  • Australia Folded Handy Map 1:7 000 000 - AUD$6.95
  • Wine Map of Australia - over 500 wineries - AUD$9.95
  • Australia's Outback Folded 1:5 000 000 - AUD$9.95
  • Australia Folded Terrain & Road Map - AUD$9.95
  • Railway Journeys of Australia Folded - AUD$12.95
  • Centenary of Federation Folded Map with historical information - AUD$12.95

  • Australia Highlights Map - a budget map with 2 maps of Australia. On one side an indexed map on the reverse a less detailed but same size map with roads in white which allows the user to plot their own route and progress. - AUD$5.95

Journey Jottings
  • Australian Map Journal - Summarises your trip. A beautiful hand painted map with spaces around the outside to add notes and recall events. Ideal as a special keepsake or send to a friend back home.  - AUD$9.95

CartoTech Services
  • Rex Ellis's Map of Australian Deserts - Made by noted Australian adventurer in conjunction with map makers CartoTech Services this map clearly shows the major deserts and semi desert reagions that make up a large portion of the Australian continent. Includes major cities and towns, major routes and descriptive notes.- AUD$4.95

Folded Big Australia with envelope
  • Australia - A Big Country -shows a simplified map of Australia with Britain, Germany, New Zealand,  Japan and the US state of Texas shown inside at the same scale for comparison. Help explain to the folks back home just how big Australia actually is! Comes with a suitable Australia map envelope. - AUD$7.95
  • Souvenir Map of Australia - Lavishly decorated with Australian flora and fauna great to keep or send home. Comes with a suitably sized envelope. Click HERE to view image. - AUD$9.25

Also Available:
  • Meridian Discover Australia Map Folded - AUD$19.95
  • ITM Australia - AUD$20.95
  • Kummerly+Frey Australia New Zealand - AUD$35
  • Gregory's Australia - AUD$9.95

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