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Need some assistance with GPS navigation? Here is a snapshot of what was on our shelves the day we did this webpage. The order doesn't represent a recommendation of  whats best. If you have a specific request - ask us.

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GPS Made Easy - AUD$34.95

Using Global Poitioning Systems in the Outdoors. Fourth edition WAAS revised. Describes everything you need to know about operating handheld Global Positioning Systems helping you ensure your readings are accurate. Uses common GPS models as examples.

For: bushwalkers, kayakers etc - anyone who needs to get the most out oftheir portable GPS.
  2nd Edition OUT NOW!
GPS Vehicle Navigation in Australia - AUD$34.95

A comprehensive guide for 4WD enthusiasts and others who navigate. How the GPS works; maps, grids and datum; GPS equipment and its use; GPS and computers; moving map displays; in vehicle set-up; resources.
The GPS for Australian Pilots - AUD$49.00

A study guide to meet the requirements of the Australian syllabus as required by C.A.S.A. in their publication H50/95. This book explains the development, operation and restrictions of the GPS as it affects Australian Pilots. Does focus on a particular brand of GPS, rather it takes a generic approach.
The Geocaching Handbook - AUD$29.95

A fast growing outdoor sport. Discover how to:
  • select a cache listing
  • buy a GPS receiver and use it to navigate to the cache
  • create and hide your own cache for others to find
  • practice backcountry safety and geocaching etiquette
  • play other geo-games (ie "are U Nuts" and "Geodashing")
  • connect with other geocachers through clubs and events

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