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If you are looking for a camping guide then come toThe Map Shop. We don't just sell flat maps but a wide range of publications containing maps for all kinds of purposes - including camping.
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Boiling Billy Publications Camping Guides
National Parks, Conservation Parks, Regional Reserves, State Forrests, Coastal Reserves, Outback Areas. Uses easy to understand symbols and text to describe camping grounds and facilities. Include simple regional maps.

Camping Guide to Qld - over 458 camp sites in 189 parks. AUD$19.95
Camping Guide to NSW - over 550 camp sites in 237 parks. AUD$19.95
Camping Guide to Vic - over 550 camp sites in 206 parks. AUD$19.95
Camping Guide to WA - over 335 camp sites in 154 parks. AUD$19.95
Camping Guide to SA - over 290 camp sites in 115 parks. AUD$16.95
Camping Guide to NT - over 160 camp sites in 69 parks. AUD$17.95

Guides to Free Camping (.. and your pets can come too!) -AUD$14.95 each
Small format booklets - with lots of free and minimal fee locations throughout the area of the indiviual books. Currently available:
  • The guide to Free-Camping in Tasmania
  • The guide to Free-Camping in the South of WA
  • The guide to Free-Camping in the North of WA
Camping in Australia - AUD$34.95
  • Over 400 pages
  • Over 2500 campsites with facilities
  • 57 regional maps
  • 22 featured national parks
  • Australia wide road atlas
  • Detailed index
Bush Camping With Dogs - AUD$32.50
If there is one member of the family that enjoys camping even more than you its your best friend. Aguide to dog friendly camping areas in Australia.
  • Over 1100 campsites nationally
  • Over 500 parks, reserves and forests
  • Location maps for each state
  • Facilities and activities
  • Maps, photos & info

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