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WorldMap allows you to view colour maps of the world on a personal computer, with zoom and pan functions for easy map browsing. Use the trip and waypoint manager functions to create waypoints, routes, and tracks, and transfer them between your PC and most GARMIN map capable GPS units. This is excellent for planning your next outdoor adventure, business trip, vacation, or recreational outing without ever leaving your house.

WorldMap is a general worldwide reference database that provides basic cartography, including interstates, motorways, oceans, and various other general reference detail to help you plan your next trip. Map detail also includes political boundaries, principal cities and towns. The detail is equivalent to the base maps that are factory loaded into most Garmin mapping GPS units.

NOTE: WorldMap does not auto-route.

World Map is not compatible with the early GPS 100 product range.


City Navigator Australia v7 contains premium detailed maps for all of Australia, including motorways, regional arterials and local roads with attributes such as turn restrictions, one way streets and other navigation features.

This software is available either individually or with the purchase of a Quest , StreetPilot 7200, GPS 10 Deluxe and Zumo. The software comes preloaded on StreetPilot c510 , nüvi 300 , nüvi 310 and nüvi 660.

Features include:
  • New! Now with coverage for the M7 Highway in Sydney
  • New! Now with expanded coverage for Outback roads
  • New! Updated coverage for all of Australia
  • Trip and waypoint management functions**
  • Contains detailed maps for all of Australia; with this purchase, you'll have access to the entire CD ROM coverage
  • Includes detailed maps containing motorways, national and regional thoroughfares and local roads with attributes such as turn restrictions, one way streets and other navigation features

Also available on SD card for suitable Garmin GPS units with an SD expansion slot. - AUD$279

City Navigator

Displays points of interest such as:
  • food and drink
  • lodging
  • golf courses
  • theatres and cinemas
  • petrol stations
  • hospitals and more


MetroGuide Australia v6 contains premium detailed street maps for all of Australia, including motorways, regional arterials and local roads and some waterways. Metroguide Australia does not autoroute on the GPS or on the PC.

Metroguide Australia includeds Trip and waypoint management functions and displays points of interest such as food and drink, lodging, golf courses, theatres and cinemas, petrol stations, hospitals and more.

IMPORTANT:  To install and use MetroGuide it must be "unlocked" to a compatible Garmin GPS unit. Your initial purchase of MetroGuide provides you with an Unlock Certificate which gives you access to all of Australia. ( When using a "Locked" MapSource product, the real-time plotting function will work only with a valid unlock code for the GPS unit being used. If your present GPS receiver does not have an internal ID code it will not work. Not compatible with older models such as the GPS12 series, GPS45/48, GPS 2 series, GPS 3 series, standard eTrex and etrex Summit, GPS120, GPS126/128, StreetPilot Colourmap etc.)



BlueChart Pacific v8.5 contains the most detailed marine cartography around.  The new version 8.5 CD-Rom now includes selected MSQ charts and limited street detail adjacent to most ports.

When you purchase the MapSource BlueChart CD, a certificate is included which provides access to detailed nautical charts for one region of your choice. Follow instructions on the certificate to unlock one region, then download the map data to a blank data card or compatible Garmin unit. You can reprogram the data card whenever you want by simply downloading different areas.

You are entitled to select just one region per unlock coupon code, but not one region from each map. A region is identified with a Garmin part number.
  • Chart information, ie. name, number, scale, revision date etc 
  • Trip and waypoint management
  • Additional MSQ chart detail in Queensland
  • Great Barrier Reef Exclusion Zones
  • Object-oriented cartography
  • Shaded depth contours
  • Intertidal zones
  • Spot soundings
  • Port plans
  • Navaids with view range and coverage
  • Tides, wrecks, restricted areas and anchorages

Blue Chart Pacific

NOTE: Pacific Bluechart is not compatible with the eMap. Pacific Bluechart will not display correctly on the StreetPilot III, 26xx, c320, Nuvi range and is not recommended for these models.

Area covered.

Map includes full coverage of the United States and expanded coverage for Canada. Purchase includes access to one region of data only. Recommended for StreetPilot III and GPS V. Compatible with eMap, eTrex Vista and Legend, Map76/S, Map176/C however the automatic routing feature is not availble on these products.

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