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We run a GPS Course every two months (under the auspices of the Mapping Sciences Institute of Australia, South Australia Division). Have a look at the course details on the GPS Course page.

The Map Shop has been retailing GPS equipment since 1992. We have a good working knowledge of GPS equipment, CD mapping software and the means of connecting them to produce an in-vehicle moving map display with multiple devices or a dedicated unit.

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Need a comprehensive book on GPS?
Click HERE to go to the book "GPS Navigation in Australia" in our SHOPPING CART

If this book is of interest then you might also consider participating in our GPS Course
The most popular GPS in Australia and New Zealand are the Garmin. We have been selling these products since 1992 (when they were introduced they were known as Pro-Nav). Over 80% of the machines on the GPS Course are Garmins, with about 15% Magellan and the other 5% coming from Raytheon, Eagle, Lowrance, etc.
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