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The MOVA Globe turns peacefully on its own, using only the energy of room light and the forces of Earth's magnetic field to simulate perpetual motion. Each globe turns autonomously, whether on a stand or in the palm of your hand. No batteries or power cords are required.

MOVA Products are the first and only solar-powered item to have the solar panels hidden from view. Beneath the detailed graphic, the solar cell technology silently and calmly rotates the globe to reflect the steady motion of Earth.

Mova 4.5" Political
Mova 4.5" (11.4 cm) Political

Mova 4.5" Satellite View
Mova 4.5"
(11.4 cm) Satellite View

Mova 4.5" Antique
Mova 4.5"
(11.4 cm) Antique

Mova 8.5" Blue Relief
Mova 8.5" (21.6 cm) Blue Relief

Low-light solar cell technology
The solar cells are placed inside the globe and behind the globe's graphics. Most of the ambient light is blocked by the graphics. To produce useful electrical energy from such a low light, these solar cells have to be specially designed and tested.

For the MOVA globe's motor to get started, and to keep the globe turning, the motor needs a source of countertorque. The MOVA globe uses the Earth's magnetic field to push against. Think of the needle in a compass. The motor is, in effect, pushing against the needle, which is held stationary by the earth's magnetic field.

Ultra-Low Friction Motor Design
This type of motor is at least an order of magnitude lower friction than current motors used for consumer applications. This makes it possible for the motor to turn, in complete silence, with extremely low power in the micro watt range (a micro watt is one millionth of a watt).

Micro Volume Fluid Levitation Technology
A very thin layer of fluid between the outer shell and the inner globe makes it possible for the inner globe to levitate, start up, and turn continuously, without ever touching the outer shell.

Fluid-Aided Optical Projection Technology
The optical parameters of the fluid between the inner globe and outer shell, and the distance between the inner globe and outer shell, are designed so the turning graphics of the inner globe is projected onto the outer shell. This makes the outer shell appear to be turning on the stand in apparent violation of the laws of physics. This technology also makes it possible for the MOVA globe to turn on any surface (except for those made of magnetizable metal, such as iron).

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