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Here at the Map Shop we also have world globes you may not have considered. On this page you will also find non-earth globes. If you can't find these globes in our shopping cart then please ring or email us.
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Miscellaneous 30 cm (12 inch) Globes
Constellation Constellation - illuminated

A 30cm globe of the heavens showing the major features of the night sky -stars, constellations and nebula. When illuminated it displays approx. 70 attractive astrological and traditional representations of the constellations
Lancaster Lancaster

An illuminated antique style 30cm globe in a dark cherry stain timber stand. An elegant piece of furniture.
Moon Moon

This 30 cm globe depicts the lunar landscape. Includes craters, "seas" and mountain ranges. An attractive and unusual multi-pronged stand allows you to pick up and look at the moon from any angle.

NASA has officially approved this item.
Intelliglobe Intelliglobe

A 30cm globe which is a mix of education and entertainment.
Touch the wireless Intellipen to the globe to play games and explore amazing facts about the world. The Intellipen contains 1GB of updatable memory that plays spoken audio in four different languages.

Includes a 48 page World Discovery Book.
Miscellaneous Smaller Globes
Globe 4 Kids Globe 4 Kids

This 25cm globe has a political map of the world and includes symbols, animals and buildings representing the places, landscapes and oceans of the world.
Wonderglobe Mini Globes

The 11 cm Replogle Wonderglobes displayed here have a swivel tilt stand that allows you to rotate the globe through 2 axii.
Bookend Globes Bookend Globes

13 cm Antique ocean globe bookend on a wooden base.
Size: Dia 13 x Ht 17 cm

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