40cm (16 in) World Globes

We try to keep a selection of 16" globes in stock at all times but can't guarantee a globe mentioned will be in stock at a given time. The distributor does not keep these permanently in stock in Australia so if you have your heart set on a particular module we may need to bring it in from overseas.
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Austin Austin

Antique model illuminated political globe in a 4 legged hardwood floor stand with a full meridian.


A gracefully styled antique coloured political globe. It has a gyromatic meridian which allows it to be rotated normally around the axis as well as to be turned upside down to view the southern hemisphere more easily.

Commander Commander

Non-illuminated antique globe on a tall turned wooded stand with metal base. Converts to a table top model when needed by simply removing the centre pole.
Trafalgar Trafalgar

The combination of progressive design, artistic angles and grey metal makes for a very stylish globe. The diecast meridian arm has a pewter finish. Attractive surrounds for a beautifully detailed blue ocean political globe.

Santa Fe Santa Fe

Cherry Wood Ring with Black Wrought Iron Stand and Full Swing Meridian. It has a metallic bronze coloured political map and raised relief.
Cambridge Cambridge

A long legged an elegant globe. The die cast meridian and antique finishe political globe rest in a detailed hardwood stand with a walnut finish.

lluminated Globes

Illuminated globes are not always just glorified lamps! They can contain additional information. An antique-style globe with political colouration when illuminated might display travel routes of famous explorers combined with ocean topography and mountain relief.

For the latest 40cm (16 ") Globe prices refer to our

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