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It is not always easy to get maps of every place you, the customer may be interested in. At times people come into the shop expecting to get a map of a particular location but there just isn't a commercial product available.

Until relatively recently there was a map available for Vanuatu but production and maintenance of that product was ceased by the manufacturer. Again, we decided that we would develop our own.

Currently we can only provide the Vanuatu map as a print on demand item. If interested in obtaining a copy please contact The Map Shop by email or phone for pricing and orders.
tel: 61 08 8231 2033



Click on the image left to see a larger version of the map.

Vanuatu is comprised of a chain of  around 80 volcanic islands stretching across 1300 km of the Pacific Ocean. This means there is lots of ocean between some islands, as a result we have only displayed the whole country in a 1:2 500 000 inset map that also indicates the provinces.

The detailed island maps are mostly displayed at 1:400 000 scale but the islands of Efate and Pentecost are shown at 1:250 000 scale and  Espiritu Santo at 1:350 000.

Islands are grouped together in their provinces.

The map is approx A1 sized around 84 x 60 cm.

It includes a 1:20 000 scale town map of the capital Pt Vila on Efate Island in Shefa Province as well as a 1:20 000 scale map of Luganville on Espiritu Santo in Sanma Province.

Towns, villages, tracks and roads are shown on the main maps plus some geological and other features including volcanoes.

Vanuatu has some of the most continuously active volcanoes in the world. This country experienced a number of notable eruptions in the last 50 years. Look for the special "active volcano" symbol on our map.

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